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Feb 2015
Feb 03 2015 07:15
Hello , I'd like to help contribute to SymPy. I'm setting up SymPy right now. I've used Mercurial VCS before. So I'm learning git ASAP. I do have my eye on applying as a student for GSoC this year (possibly in Group Theory, I've had an introduction to abstract algebra in a course in college I found very interesting, so I'm reading up on Group Theory now.) though I would like to contribute irrespective of whether or not I get in. I thought if I worked on it asap it would be more helpful. Hope I didn't come off as brash. :smile: Just thought if I was truthful, work could be done more efficiently.
Ondřej Čertík
Feb 03 2015 16:19
hi @PrathikSai, thanks for your interest. This channel is for csympy, I think you should write to the sympy channel (
Ondřej Čertík
Feb 03 2015 16:36
@isuruf would you have time to try #389 on some other computer? I tried two computers as well as SMC (sage math cloud) and on all these the PR is faster than master.
Sumith Kulal
Feb 03 2015 16:40