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Mar 2015
Isuru Fernando
Mar 02 2015 03:53
@certik, I saw on the mailing list that you are interested in getting pattern matching into CSymPy. Do you have any references that I could look into?
Ondřej Čertík
Mar 02 2015 07:26
@isuruf yes. As to references, I would do what we do in sympy
we can also look at ginac and maxima.
Obviously, this is a large field, how to implement pattern matching, many options, etc. We just need something that can be similarly fast to ginac, so that we have all the functionality for Sage.
And anything beyond that would be great, but not necessary.
Shivam Vats
Mar 02 2015 14:48

I am working on the basic structure of a new polynomial class. However, whenever I try to use anything from dict.h, I get a forward declaration error. A rough sketch of the class is :

class polynomial {
public :
int degree;
umap_integer_uint dict;

polynomial(int& , umap_integer_uint&&);

Am I missing something?

Swachhand Lokhande
Mar 02 2015 14:59
Hi guys. I am trying to apply for GSoC this year. I have a good knowledge of C++ and I would like to choose a csympy/sympy project for GSoC if I get a chance. I am interested in an easy/medium level project. I have gone through this page - Can someone suggest me a project on which I can start working on? Also how do I get started with the codebase? Thanks.
Shivam Vats
Mar 02 2015 15:03
@swachhandl You may go through this -(
You may choose any project that seems interesting to you or you may even suggest something beyond the list, if you want to.
Swachhand Lokhande
Mar 02 2015 15:06
@shivamvats Particularly I am interested in porting the fast sparse polynomials to C++ and physics too (but not quantum mechanics). How do I start familiarizing myself with the codebase?
Shivam Vats
Mar 02 2015 15:09
Currently, I am working on polynomials too. You can get a good idea of what needs to be done by looking at Sympy's poly module. As of now, CSymPy doesn't have a physics module. You can look at Sympy's physics module.
Shivam Vats
Mar 02 2015 15:41
My issue is solved now, with swachhandl's help