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Mar 2015
Shivam Vats
Mar 18 2015 08:00

@certik In Python, for the multivariate case, I don't expect much speed up on converting the exponents to integers as the current implementation in ring_series already uses a dictionary. We can probably implement Kronecker's trick for univariate series, separately, as it shows considerable speed up. Therefore, for Sympy, I plan complete by salvaging all I can from sympy/sympy#609. I posted here about a series class wrapper on top of rings, I am currently working on. Let me know what you think.

For CSymPy, of course, hashtable with Kronecker's trick is the best way forward.

Sumith Kulal
Mar 18 2015 14:24
Guys, once the polynomials are implemented, what features should the polynomial module have? Any ideas or suggestion? I have also posted the query here