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Mar 2015
Shivam Vats
Mar 21 2015 07:03
@certik I think we first need to fix the scope of our polynomial module. If we want to support only series expansion, we can do it with Polynomial<Integer, Integer>, Polynomial<Rational, Integer> and Polynomial<Rational, Rational> as (coeff, exponents). This can be done using the PolyRing structure followed in Sympy. That is, every instance of Polynomial is a PolyRing with specified domain and symbols. We could also do away with the PolyRing layer and store that info directly in Polynomial , like here
However, if we want to go fully generic, like piranha, templates seems to be the better choice. Or if you want to avoid templates, we can think of an alternate way.
Sumith Kulal
Mar 21 2015 14:31
In context of polynomials, what do we mean when we say domains of characteristic zero?
Sumith Kulal
Mar 21 2015 17:37
I get it: An algebraic structure is of characteristic zero if it has infinite number of elements.