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Mar 2015
Abinash Meher
Mar 24 2015 11:37

Hello ,

I have prepared a draft for the GSoC project proposal here. Please give it a read. However, the proposal is still incomplete. I would be very happy, if you have any suggestions. Please let me know. :)

Sumith Kulal
Mar 24 2015 11:44
@abinashmeher999 I assume you will be adding your personal details in the beginning!
Shivam Vats
Mar 24 2015 14:59

What is the recommended method to compare two scripts in Python

In [45]: %time t = rs_log(1+x, x, 100)
CPU times: user 17.4 ms, sys: 0 ns, total: 17.4 ms
Wall time: 17.5 ms

Should I consider total CPU time or Wall time?
Or should I use %timeit

In [46]: %timeit t = rs_log(1+x, x, 100)
100 loops, best of 3: 10.5 ms per loop

They are coming out to be different even after repeated tries.

Isuru Fernando
Mar 24 2015 15:09
timeit function disables the garbage collection, that's why the timing is different
You should use the timeit function for comparison. Also it'll be better if the two scripts are run as two different processes
Shivam Vats
Mar 24 2015 15:26
@isuruf Thanks!
Sumith Kulal
Mar 24 2015 17:17
@certik Our GSoC proposals can go to which other umbrella orgs in addition to PSF and NumFOCUS. How should the proposals be targetted for Sage, lmonade and Portland State University?