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Mar 2015
Isuru Fernando
Mar 27 2015 05:49
@certik @Sumith1896 @shivamvats, take a look at this issue from Sage about polynomials and symbols. We will run into this issue in the future as well.
Abinash Meher
Mar 27 2015 06:53
@certik Can I submit the proposal for ruby bindings to PSF, NumFocus and Portland Science University too?
Sumith Kulal
Mar 27 2015 07:41
@isuruf I'll look into this and give my views as soon as possible. Thanks for the report, we'll discuss this.
@certik I got a reply from burcin from lmonade. He said that they do not have mentors for CSymPy projects. Has CSymPy contacted them before?
Ondřej Čertík
Mar 27 2015 21:35
@Sumith1896 yes, I contacted them, they said that it would fit well with their other ideas. I could mentor it if they are interested.
@isuruf can you summarize what the problem is? I don't quite get it from that issue.