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May 2015
Amit Kumar
May 01 2015 03:27
@irogerthat Good Idea!
Sushant Hiray
May 01 2015 04:37
@Sumith1896 yes. For starters you can set up your blog and send a PR to to add your blog feed to planet SymPy. The same goes for @isuruf , @abinashmeher999 and @shivamvats too. I would recommend using github pages and jekyll or some variant for the blog as opposed to the usual wordpress or blogger or tumblr. Still any of these work too. If any of you need any help regarding setting up jekyll, let me know.
Sumith Kulal
May 01 2015 09:29
@certik I have replied to the mail from @asmeurer , I am done with my exams and free for the whole of the coming summer.
@sushant-hiray I have setup the blog, though some final touches are remaining, it is in working condition.
Sumith Kulal
May 01 2015 10:06
I have short-listed three books that I may need over the summers:
Aaron Meurer
May 01 2015 19:28
@Sumith1896 I haven't read any of those so I can't say if they are any good, but I would take a look at what Mateusz's Master's thesis cites