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May 2015
Sumith Kulal
May 03 2015 10:13
@sushant-hiray You there?
Sumith Kulal
May 03 2015 10:25
When can we have such meets, all of us together, @certik @shivamvats @isuruf ? I was planning of thrice a week because I'll need good amount of guidance, at least in the initial stages.
What areas of my proposal should I be refining?
What should some of the first things I should be working on? (excluding the blog)
It would be great if everybody puts in their inputs?
Sushant Hiray
May 03 2015 15:01

Hi @Sumith1896, there is some overlapping of your proposal with that of @shivamvats . We are yet to do the refining as to who does what per say.
Till then I would suggest you have a look at the visitor pattern and also read more on the algorithms(s?) you are going to implement later.

As far as meetings are concerned, it would be difficult to get everyone together thrice a week, once a week is possible. If you face any difficulties at other times, ask a query here and we would revert back to you at the earliest.

We can figure out a weekly time slot wherein we discuss progress of each GSoC project. cc @Sumith1896 @certik @isuruf @shivamvats @thilinarmtb

Sumith Kulal
May 03 2015 15:09
Cool. I'm okay with any time slot as long as it is not late night(IST 0400 onwards)
Shivam Vats
May 03 2015 17:26
@sushant-hiray Right! In fact, @thilinarmtb and me, also want to have a meeting to finalise the plan and distribute work between Sumith and me.
Sumith Kulal
May 03 2015 19:34
Agreed, as of now I am looking into the visitor pattern and understanding that.