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May 2015
Shivam Vats
May 06 2015 06:39
@certik I have updated the times that work for me.
Isuru Fernando
May 06 2015 13:12

What's the reason behind rational having the methods,

pow(Number &x)
powrat(Integer &x)
powrat(Rational &x)

instead of

pow(Number &x)
pow(Integer &x)
pow(Rational &x)

The second method could lead to simpler code, For eg: L107 to L120 of
could be replaced by a->pow(*rcp_static_cast<const Integer>(b))

Isuru Fernando
May 06 2015 13:21
or a->pow(static_cast<const Integer>(*b))
Isuru Fernando
May 06 2015 17:24
scratch that. there's only one virtual method in Number, so there's no difference