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May 2015
Abinash Meher
May 07 2015 00:15
@isuruf yeah I agree, the code will be simpler. The only thing that can make a difference I think would be if it is dispatched statically or dynamically. I don't know lot about dispatching but I assume that even if dynamic dispatch works, it wont affect the performance.
Ondřej Čertík
May 07 2015 05:47
@shivamvats , @Sumith1896 do you want to do a G+ meeting on Friday morning my time, let's say 9am:
Event:    GSoC series projects planning
Date:    May 10, 2015
Time:    9:00:00 AM
Can make it:    Shivam Vats
Add to calendar:    iCal export
     (Outlook, Mac iCal, Google, etc.)
Timezone:    US/Mountain

Date:    May 10, 2015
Time:    8:30:00 PM
Invitees:    Shivam Vats
@Sumith1896 if you can't make it, I'll meet with @shivamvats on Friday and with you later.
@abinashmeher999 if you want to meet to discuss your proposal in more details, let me know.
Sumith Kulal
May 07 2015 07:43
I think I can make it. I am now in a slow internet connection place and it is in process of upgradation. I'll give a detailed reply as soon as possible, mostly within 24 hours.
Shivam Vats
May 07 2015 12:12
It looks good to me.
Amit Kumar
May 07 2015 18:47
Hello folks!
Looks like a good change of name. :+1:
Sumith Kulal
May 07 2015 18:52
Guys I'm missing all the fun. Hopefully I'll get a working internet connection by tomorrow.
I like the new name too. Nice choice.
Ondřej Čertík
May 07 2015 20:50
Hi @aktech, thanks!
Thanks @Sumith1896.
Abinash Meher
May 07 2015 23:24
Hi everyone. Cool name :sparkles: ! I was wondering what name to keep for the wrappers. It's easy now :smile: .