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May 2015
Sumith Kulal
May 31 2015 12:03
What other methods are necessary for the Polynomial class? They are some methods implemented over all classes of SymEngine
I was planning of from_dict, get_args, subs, diff, dict_add_term().
There are other methods like is_canonical(), counterpart of add_expand() etc which will be not needed at this stage.
Sumith Kulal
May 31 2015 16:42
I had implemented eval for Polynomial; the test seems to take forever.
Has anyone experienced such before?
Sushant Hiray
May 31 2015 16:48
is_canonical() is needed, check the constructors to understand further
Sumith Kulal
May 31 2015 17:13
What about add_expand etc is there a need for similar method?