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Jun 2015
Sumith Kulal
Jun 07 2015 12:21
For FindBOOST.cmake, this seems to work, is this sufficient?

libfind_include(boost boost)


find_package_handle_standard_args(BOOST DEFAULT_MSG

Isuru Fernando
Jun 07 2015 12:26
Is boost a header only library?
Sumith Kulal
Jun 07 2015 12:29
there are some files of boost in /usr/lib/
@isuruf Check this out:
Isuru Fernando
Jun 07 2015 13:07

Boost library is not one library, so you need to specify which one you need, also boost library names have the version number suffixes.

My suggestion is to use FindBoost.cmake from cmake and simulate our LibFindMacros
First search with Boost_NO_SYSTEM_PATHS set to yes and hints given to Boost_INCLUDE_DIRS
and then search again with Boost_NO_SYSTEM_PATHS set to no.

In your CMake installation, you should find a file called FindBoost.cmake. Usage is documented there. Also look at Piranha's CMakeLists.txt for the required boost library components.

@certik, thoughts?