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Jun 2015
Sumith Kulal
Jun 21 2015 14:31
No commit in specific, I carried out the benchmarks after all that is in sympy/symengine#470 was implemented
I noticed that expand2b in this branch is slower than that of master
Isuru Fernando
Jun 21 2015 17:33

@certik, libraries like boost have their public headers in a separate folder like include/boost/math/complex/asin.hpp and the sources like src/asin.cpp each having the header name as <boost/math/complex/asin.hpp>

For libraries that have both in .cpp and .h s in the same folder have the sources under project_root/project_name

Isuru Fernando
Jun 21 2015 18:31
Another option would be to copy all headers to symengine_BINARY_DIR/src/symengine and everything would work without a problem