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Jul 2015
Abinash Meher
Jul 21 2015 04:11
Isuru Fernando
Jul 21 2015 11:09
@certik, @sushant-hiray, can you check on OS X?
Sumith Kulal
Jul 21 2015 13:03
@certik Will do
Ondřej Čertík
Jul 21 2015 14:29
I'll try. My machine with OSX doesn't work properly (some header files are broken), but I'll try to find another one. It would be nice to write to the Sage mailinglist soon to ask people for feedback. @isuruf have you been following the "performance" thread on the sympy list? I posted some results yesterday using your MPC and other evaluators for very large expressions and they work correctly (checked against sympy) and are also extremely fast. I plan to do the same example using Sage. And create a nice file that does it using SymPy, Sage and SymEngine, all withing Sage.
Hopefully symengine will be the fastest.
Isuru Fernando
Jul 21 2015 14:31
Yes, I saw the performance thread. Let me know how I can help.
It'll be great if we can implement most of what PyDy people want.
Isuru Fernando
Jul 21 2015 16:58
    # MSVC only supports __func__ in a C++ mode, not a C mode

    # MSVC does not support =default for constructors
Is this true for VS 2015
Isuru Fernando
Jul 21 2015 18:48
I'm also looking at Python extensions using MSVC14. Two tests fail.
assert set((x**2 + 2*x*y + 5).args) == set((x**2, 2*x*y, 5))
Found the error. It should be ` assert set((x**2 + 2*x*y + 5).args) == set((x**2, 2*x*y, Integer(5))) since hashes of Integer(5) and 5 may not be equal.
With all the testing in Linux, OSX and Windows, it fails only with MSVC
Francesco Biscani
Jul 21 2015 23:56
@certik that type of expression with symbolic exponents cannot be handled by Piranha