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Jul 2015
Ondřej Čertík
Jul 22 2015 00:02
@isuruf it seems to be true for the visual studio on AppVeyor, which I thought is VS 2015. But it's easy to try, just disable it and send a PR.
@bluescarni thanks!
@isuruf that's weird that it does not fail in other systems. Perhaps the set compares 5 somehow against Integer(5), which in Python is the same thing, since it gets automatically converted?
Isuru Fernando
Jul 22 2015 02:37
set first compares the hash and then uses == to compare if equal. Problem is that in all other platforms, hash value of Integer(5) is the same as hash value of 5, but in MSVC that's not true
Ondřej Čertík
Jul 22 2015 04:20
Ah, I see.
Got it.