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Aug 2015
Ondřej Čertík
Aug 03 2015 19:19
@shivamvats thanks for pushing this. I think it looks very promising. We just need something that is better than what's in sympy and that's build on top of the low level and fast ring_series. Only after we can pass most of the tests will we know if ring_series has all the low level tools to build something on top. And then we should port it to SymEngine.
@isuruf what else needs to be done before we can ask Sage for a feedback? I would like to do it this week, if possible. I would still like to do the bicycle example in Sage, to get an idea. That would be cool. But otherwise I think we are pretty much all set, aren't we? What you should do, if you are ok with it, is to provide step by step instructions how to get symengine working on I think by default the internet access is restricted, so we might need to include instructions how to push in the tarballs in there using scp (ssh), which is allowed I think for everybody. We are close enough on a Mac, i.e. SymEngine itself is tested well, so the rest are minor issues that I think people will believe us that they can be resolved. I just want to get some good feedback from Sage, so that we can see what we need to work on.