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Aug 2015
Isuru Fernando
Aug 27 2015 01:58
gem install --user-install symengine -v 0.0.0 --verbose works for me
Abinash Meher
Aug 27 2015 08:05
Yes. Indeed that is a way. But some user who does
This message was deleted
gem install symengine
(which is intuitive) will get the faulty version of the gem. If we are planning to stick to 0.0.0, is there some way 0.0.1 can be removed?
Kalevi Suominen
Aug 27 2015 12:14
I noticed having been referred to in connection with polynomials. As these chat lines are somewhat inconvenient for more detailed discussions I have tried to clarify my thoughts by writing this to expand on the symengine wiki.
Shivam Vats
Aug 27 2015 13:56

@jksuom Thanks a lot for writing down your valuable suggestions. @certik would definitely be interested.

I think your approach should be faster for rationals. If I remember correctly, mathematica also uses this approach, thought their representation is dense.