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Nov 2015
Ralf Stephan
Nov 01 2015 07:56
I added a native toy series class (symengine/symengine#642). It's three mags slower than Sage flint and Pari. The plan is to have a Puiseux series class with optional Piranha (polynomial) calls depending on the configuration. Is there an open Puiseux series implementation on the net? I remember Fricas had something...
Isuru Fernando
Nov 01 2015 16:42
@certik, @rwst, for the GCC version we are using in travis __cplusplus is set to 1 which doesn't enable C++11 features including move semantics for gmpxx. If we define __GMPXX_USE_CXX11 before including gmpxx.h then those features are enabled. Shall I define that macro? Only caveat is __GMPXX_USE_CXX11 enables noexcept as well.
Isuru Fernando
Nov 01 2015 16:58
In MSVC __cplusplus is set to 1 as well, which means no C++11 features enabled in gmpxx. It seems compilers define __cplusplus to be 201103 when it is C++11 feature complete