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Nov 2015
Ralf Stephan
Nov 15 2015 09:27 UTC
Here's the first version of series expansion that does sin(x)*cos(x) (and more). Oddly the N=1000 benchmark takes exactly the same time as Pari, so there seems to be some overhead from conversion.
Main file:
Benchmark code:
Ralf Stephan
Nov 15 2015 09:49 UTC
70% of the time is spent by GMP. I guess that's a good value, i.e., not so much overhead from other things.
130,000 actual calls to _gmpz_mul taking 60% of all time. At first glance there are 250,000 muls of rationals which are however all of form 1/(big integer).
Isuru Fernando
Nov 15 2015 12:06 UTC
Only 125,000 muls of rationals if you take into account the truncation, right?
Ralf Stephan
Nov 15 2015 13:38 UTC
@isuruf, yes
Ondřej Čertík
Nov 15 2015 15:09 UTC
@rwst great job! We can compare against your Piranha benchmark, but this time include the time to construct the sin and cos series.
Then ideally there should be zero overhead.
Ralf Stephan
Nov 15 2015 15:39 UTC
@certik it's 1420ms vs. 980ms. The final conversion to the vec_basic of coefficients accounts for part of it.