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Jan 2016
Ondřej Čertík
Jan 04 2016 03:29
I finished #738, it's ready for a review.
Srajan Garg
Jan 04 2016 10:33
>>> x = Symbol('x')
>>> y = Add(1/x**3, 1/x**6)
>>> y.as_numer_denom()
(x**6 + x**3, x**9)

SymPy gives me this, but I feel this isn't correct, and a better approach should be used to give the correct answer

(x**3 + 1, x**6)

Should I stick with SymPy's way of doing it, or do it in a better way (which doesn't seem to be slower)? (after proper testing) @isuruf @certik

Abhinav Agarwal
Jan 04 2016 12:33
how can we order if user passes non-integer/ non-rational number ?
Isuru Fernando
Jan 04 2016 12:38
Based on the hash
Isuru Fernando
Jan 04 2016 14:00
@srajangarg, go ahead (x**3+1, x**6) is better
Ralf Stephan
Jan 04 2016 16:36
@isuruf @srajangarg +1