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Jan 2016
Isuru Fernando
Jan 14 2016 02:52
@certik, you are correct about the targets. This is not needed on CMake-3.3.0 or later versions.
  • Linking to library files by a full path in an implicit linker
    search directory (e.g. "/usr/lib/libfoo.a") no longer asks the
    linker to search for the library (e.g. "-lfoo") and now links by
    full path. See policy "CMP0060".
Isuru Fernando
Jan 14 2016 03:52
About the if statement. I think this is something remaining when Python library was also there in the repo. It's not needed now
Ondřej Čertík
Jan 14 2016 05:59
In #757 I require a recent cmake anyway. Have a look, it seems very simple and clean.