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Jan 2016
Sumith Kulal
Jan 23 2016 05:59
@bluescarni @rwst You might have already seen this
This was a very helpful doc on understanding the poly approach in SymPy
Isuru Fernando
Jan 23 2016 06:00
@bjodah, you can also use (abs(a-b)+(a+b))/2.0
Ralf Stephan
Jan 23 2016 06:45
Thanks @Sumith1896 that is a very good overview of the field.
Björn Dahlgren
Jan 23 2016 11:29
@isuruf thanks, that's a neat trick but I need to call Max on quite long vectors e.g. Max(3*x + y + 2*z, 2*x + 3*y + 2*z, x + y + z) and so on... I will try to implement this. Any pointers to where I can look for an something similar to mimic?
Isuru Fernando
Jan 23 2016 12:15
@bjodah, if it's more than 2, I think it will be a quite complicated expression. Btw, PyFunction should be able to wrap SymPy's Max.
Needs small change to lambda_double.h though
Björn Dahlgren
Jan 23 2016 20:07
What about defining Min(const vec_basic &arg)in functions.h analogous to Abs (but with a vector as single argument)? Using PyFunction wouldn't make much sense, I am turning to symengine for speed, if symengine is calling SymPy I might just as well use SymPy alone.
Francesco Biscani
Jan 23 2016 20:42
@Sumith1896 thanks for the link, it is very helpful indeed
Akash Trehan
Jan 23 2016 23:19
@isuruf Made necessary changes in #736 . Can you review it?