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Feb 2016
Ondřej Čertík
Feb 01 2016 04:00
@rwst I think we just need to put the workarounds for Flint and Arb into our cmake. I thought we already did that.
Isuru Fernando
Feb 01 2016 05:02
@certik, workaround was not put into Btw, issue with flint_classes.h was fixed in git trunk of flint2
Ralf Stephan
Feb 01 2016 09:10
@deepesh00 OK I just found an easy bug but thought I just fix it myself (== vs !=), so I think it's possible to find such bugs with extensive testing of SymEngine. OTOH the *obvious bugs in SymEngine are not easy to fix, if you mean that.
Raghav Maheshwari
Feb 01 2016 19:32
hello, i am first timer to open source and would like to contribute using python...where shouls i start from?
Isuru Fernando
Feb 01 2016 19:45
@imnobody0396, you should take a look at SymPy if you want to contribute only using python. SymEngine is a C++ library. If you want to contribute to SymEngine, let us know.
Raghav Maheshwari
Feb 01 2016 19:54