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Mar 2016
Mar 01 2016 06:37
would there be interest in bindings for SymEngine to Rust?
because I'd like to work on it for GSoC 2016
both Rust and Haskell, actually
Isuru Fernando
Mar 01 2016 08:30
@bollu, @certik sent a reply to you. If you need any more help you can ask here or on the mailing list
Rehas Sachdeva
Mar 01 2016 17:02
Dear developers!
I am Rehas, studying at IIIT-Hyd, India, in 2nd year. I'm very interested to work with symengine and am interested in a number of ideas proposed this time, particularly implementing Fast Series Expansion.
I have experience in c++, python and git.
Could you please guide me as to:
1) How I can get started and discuss some details of the above idea.
2) What skills should I focus on?
3) Additionally, pointing me to some small task I can get started with, would be very helpful!