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Mar 2016
Charles Chen
Mar 11 2016 02:30
@isuruf Ok, can you take a look?
Mar 11 2016 04:12
@certik i am parth parashar and i am applying for gsco2016,want to work on the project improve python wrappers
Charles Chen
Mar 11 2016 06:46
@isuruf Alright, can you take another look?
Mar 11 2016 13:19
could someone help me figure out why my travis build fails for the python bindings? travis build log. [travis.yml](]
Isuru Fernando
Mar 11 2016 17:50
Outdated gcc on travis. Use gcc-4.7 or later
Charles Chen
Mar 11 2016 18:31
@isuruf You there? I’m not sure what to do with your last suggestion on the PR.