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Mar 2016
Srajan Garg
Mar 18 2016 10:22
@isuruf @certik I read about implementations of multivariate polynomials. One is a recursive approach, using an ordering of variables to recursively define the coefficients as polynomials themselves. Other, is the monomial approach, basically the dictionary way. Which should symengine stick to if it were to be implemented?
Ondřej Čertík
Mar 18 2016 19:53
@srajangarg the sparse approach that uses the dictionary.
That seems to be the most competitive.
I plan to submit a symengine talk to the SciPy 2016 conference, more here:
Mar 18 2016 20:35
@srajangarg Hi Srajangarg. A group of students from UC Davis and myself are currently developing a multivariate polynomial class in PR 819. We haven't done much in the past week due to finals, but we expect to accomplish more over spring break.