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Mar 2016
Akash Trehan
Mar 24 2016 00:58
@isuruf @certik @Sumith1896
I have shared the draft proposal on GSoC’s website. Please review and comment on it. You can also ping me here on Gitter.
Akash Trehan
Mar 24 2016 05:35
@isuruf Did you see my proposal?
Kunal Singh
Mar 24 2016 07:25
@isuruf @certik @abinashmeher999 I have submitted a draft proposal on GSoC's website .Pls give your suggestions.
Akash Trehan
Mar 24 2016 08:05
How do I update the proposal on GSoC website?
Abinash Meher
Mar 24 2016 09:05
@CodeMaxx You have submitted a Google Doc, any changes you make will be visible to us. Remember that you will have to submit a Final PDF proposal before the deadline. The draft proposals will not be automatically turned into Final PDF proposals.
Akash Trehan
Mar 24 2016 10:59
@abinashmeher999 Thanks, I’ll take care of that.
Akash Trehan
Mar 24 2016 11:10
@isuruf @abinashmeher999 @certik @Sumith1896
I have some questions which I have put at the end of the proposal. Can you please provide answers to some of those?
Sumith Kulal
Mar 24 2016 11:16
Will do
Akash Trehan
Mar 24 2016 11:30
@Sumith1896 @abinashmeher999 @certik @isuruf I have updated the proposal. Can anyone please confirm if the changes are visible to you?
Isuru Fernando
Mar 24 2016 15:40
@CodeMaxx, @nishnik, you might want to look at wrapping flint polys as well, for very fast manipulation. Also, include algorithms for polynomials with symbolic coefficients as well.
Srajan Garg
Mar 24 2016 21:41
@isuruf aren't FLINT polynomial representations dense? Won't they perform poorly for very sparse polynomials?
Mar 24 2016 22:33
@isuruf I have edited my proposal as you said please give your feedback on my changes
@isuruf please guide me if I am missing anything