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Apr 2016
Shivam Vats
Apr 02 2016 04:49
@irislq You are right. Allowing negative exponents in polynomial is incorrect mathematically. But it is required for series expansion.
Akash Trehan
Apr 02 2016 06:54
@isuruf there?
Should this be allowed?
 d = univariate_polynomial(y, 0, {{0, 2}});
 a = univariate_polynomial(x, 0, {{0, 2}});
or should it give an error saying that variables don’t match
I was thinking that if the polynomials are constant , then they should be allowed to add up irrespective of the variable
@irislq ^
Akash Trehan
Apr 02 2016 07:17
Similarly for subtraction and multiplication
Isuru Fernando
Apr 02 2016 16:30
No, they shouldn't add. It should throw an error.
Akash Trehan
Apr 02 2016 21:11
Right... they do at the moment.