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Apr 2016
Francesco Biscani
Apr 29 2016 09:13
@rwst my understanding is that you can distribute a BSD licensed project with optional GPL parts in it, in the sense that the user "adopts" the GPL license as a whole for the project
but IANAL as well :)
I switched to a dual GPL/LGPL license as well for Piranha recently
Ralf Stephan
Apr 29 2016 10:18
My misunderstanding was that while linking GPL and LGPL shared libraries into a Python egg may not make a big difference, "linking" that egg
Into a program makes that program GPL and so the egg cannot be used by other than GPL programs. Again IANAL.
Francesco Biscani
Apr 29 2016 10:23
I hate having to think about licenses :(
Shivam Vats
Apr 29 2016 16:17
@chenchfort @irislq Any progress in improving our polynomial operations?
Charles Chen
Apr 29 2016 19:46
@shivamvats We implemented FFT for polynomial multiplication. So far it hasn’t really improved speed.