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May 2016
Charles Chen
May 24 2016 02:46
@isuruf Do you think the commit history of #925 will need to be cleaned? The first two experimental commits as well as the various merge commits.
May 24 2016 03:59
@isuruf Made a couple of updates to #925 today: Merged with master to resolve merge conflicts and deleted some unused code in dict.cpp. The PR currently fails the two codecov tests; I think that this is a result of string printing no longer being covered in the tests. We won't really need that for MultivariatePolynomialExpr, so if you want us to remove that in order to pass the codecov tests we can do that.
Isuru Fernando
May 24 2016 04:29
@myluszczak, are you here?
Isuru Fernando
May 24 2016 09:25
@chenchfort, yes it needs to be cleaned. It's very difficult to do with all the merge commits
Isuru Fernando
May 24 2016 10:52

@myluszczak, @StoicBronco, I've sent #950 PR. Please add your changes on top of that PR.

Also, when you have lots of test commits, it's better to rebase than to merge other branches. It becomes very difficult to rebase when there are lots of merge commits. When you do git pull --rebase it will rebase, so that your work is always on top of master

Srajan Garg
May 24 2016 13:38
@isuruf Can we remove these polynomial functions for now? They are not being used in the library anywhere. I think we should implement them as and when they are required.
// ! \return `true` if `0`
bool is_zero() const;
//! \return `true` if `1`
bool is_one() const;
//! \return `true` if `-1`
bool is_minus_one() const;
//! \return `true` if integer
bool is_integer() const;
//! \return `true` if symbol
bool is_symbol() const;
//! \return `true` if mul
bool is_mul() const;
//! \return `true` if pow
bool is_pow() const;