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Jun 2016
Jun 01 2016 04:12
@isuruf @shivamvats I've fixed the printing problems in PR#968. Tests 1-12 on travisCI are erroring, but it seems that it didn't even begin to compile. I've re-run one of these tests on a branch that passed it previously in my repository and got the same error; I think there's a problem with TravisCI.
Srajan Garg
Jun 01 2016 13:48

@isuruf yes, all Travis builds failing with

The command "curl -sSL "" | sudo -E apt-key add -" failed and exited with 2 during . says "APT mirror was temporary switched off due to excess load. We are working on bringing it back. Stay tuned!"

Jun 01 2016 19:49
@isuruf @srajangarg @shivamvats I've just rebased on top of master in PR#968 to take advantage of fixes to tavis.yml.