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Jun 2016
Srajan Garg
Jun 13 2016 17:26
@isuruf How is division supposed to work for just integer polynomials? And after we implement rational polys, what does will this return?
(3x**2 / 2x)
1. (3/2)x
2. x
Also, I was thinking of implementing rational polys before div_poly, what say?
Srajan Garg
Jun 13 2016 18:16

@isuruf How exactly is polynomial division done in the integer ring?

In [14]: q = Poly(2*x)

In [15]: p = Poly(5*x**2)

In [16]: div(p, q, domain=ZZ)
Out[16]: (Poly(0, x, domain='ZZ'), Poly(5*x**2, x, domain='ZZ'))

I'm a little confused by this^

Actually read up on it
Srajan Garg
Jun 13 2016 20:53
In flint, 5x**2 / 2x is 2x not 0 like we want (to stick with the SymPy standard)
I can't really find other division functions too
What can we do to tackle this? Is it OK for them to be different?