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Jul 2016
Ralf Stephan
Jul 02 2016 07:54 UTC
Say I get MyFunc(0) from MyFunc(x).subs(x,zero). How to evaluate (not evalf but symbolically eg simplify)?
(without creating a new MyFunc)
Ralf Stephan
Jul 02 2016 08:00 UTC
or should subs() do the simplification?
Arihant Parsoya
Jul 02 2016 12:12 UTC
Hi, I am fixing symengine/symengine#921 and am having some doubt in understanding the algorithm implemented for sec() function. Is there any reference I can look up to to get better understanding of the current algorithm implemented?
Isuru Fernando
Jul 02 2016 12:15 UTC
@rwst, subs should do the simplification
Srajan Garg
Jul 02 2016 12:32 UTC
@parsoyaarihant look at the sec function in functions.cpp. See how the code progresses (manually) when the arguement 0 is passed. You can use gdb if you like. Follow it properly, and you'll be able to figure out what's wrong. I think you'll have to take a look at the eval function here, and see what it is returning, and what it should be returning.