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Aug 2016
Isuru Fernando
Aug 03 2016 03:34
@nishnik, can you ask on the sympy room?
Kalevi Suominen
Aug 03 2016 05:28
The word 'contains' is notoriously ambiguous. In SymPy its meaning is this: Returns True if 'other' is contained in 'self' as an element. The other possibility is .is_subset that means: Returns True if 'self' is a subset of 'other'.
Björn Dahlgren
Aug 03 2016 12:39
A thought occurred to me: what do you guys think about the viability to provide a symengine.js binding which actually contained the symengine lib compiled to js using e.g. emscripten? I watched a talk on youtube about emscripten, and it looks promising (even gmp seem to have been ported at some point). JavaScript is the worlds most widespread language/runtime even if one might have strong feelings about it..