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Aug 2016
Francesco Biscani
Aug 13 2016 08:54
@isuruf I have a mind of starting to work soon on an overhaul of the integer class. It will not change the API, but it will substantially change internal implementation details, leading hopefully to noticeable code simplification (which is the main driver for the change) and, for some use cases, increased performance. The easiest thing for me would be to do the work in a Piranha branch, but I remember that we discussed in the past about having a separate project for the integer class. Is this still the case?
Brent Lewis
Aug 13 2016 18:03
I'm trying to build in VS2015, but I'm getting link errors. Specifically, stuff like "symengine.lib(infinity.obj) : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _gmpz_add". I did dumpbin on my mpir.lib, and it contains symbols such as "gmpz_add." In other words, all the symbols in my mpir.lib start with two underscores, but symengine is looking for names with three underscores. Any advice?
Seems that IRC has changed my triple underscore into bold
This isn't IRC. Hopefully you get the point
Brent Lewis
Aug 13 2016 18:11
Let's try again: I am missing the symbol ___gmpz_add but I have __gmpz_add