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Mar 2017
Srajan Garg
Mar 12 2017 11:32
@isuruf When using -DINTEGER_CLASS=boostmp, how can we use MPFR numbers? There is no get_mpz_t() for the boost numbers.
Isuru Fernando
Mar 12 2017 12:44
you cannot
Srajan Garg
Mar 12 2017 12:58
We should add a check in cmake. Right now a user is able to do both (which does not compile)
Also, there is a failure on MinGW builds on appveyor on master
Srajan Garg
Mar 12 2017 14:08
Anyway to fix those? Looks like a well known bug for the MinGW compiler
Gaurav Dhingra
Mar 12 2017 14:27
Is currently there a functionality of integration in symengine?
Shikhar Jaiswal
Mar 12 2017 14:42
@gxyd Not yet.