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Apr 2017
Apr 02 2017 10:30
@isuruf In #912 ,I think still MatrixSymbol needs to be implemented still,so could you please guide me here.
I have got this : Implementation of matrixsymbol in and would be added in matrices.h in symengine
Isuru Fernando
Apr 02 2017 10:32
@bhavishyagopesh, sympy is revisiting how they are implemented, so I think we should wait a little bit more to see how that pans out
  1. Integers, Rationals, reals, complex are all implemented.
  2. I'm not sure I understand
  3. It's a design pattern and you can find great resources on the internet, see and
  4. yes
  5. Expression is separate. It's there to work easily with symengine objects without using RCPs
  6. types = SymEngine types. Because if there are n combinations for A and B each then visit(A, B) has nxn possibilities
Ranjith Kumar
Apr 02 2017 10:37
Apr 02 2017 11:16
For #1219, could you give me some pointers, where should I start like there are things like topsort which symengine lacks....
Apr 02 2017 20:27
@isuruf Do SymEngine at present provides functionality of dot and cross products?