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Apr 2017
Prateek Singh
Apr 24 2017 14:58

While trying to integrate and print polynomials of the type UIntPolyPiranha I have create a such a polynomial(named b) from a polynomial of type UIntPoly and I am trying to integrate and print it via std::cout<<b->get_poly().integrate("x")->__str__()<<std::endl ; but when trying to compile it is giving an error.

/media/prateek/New Volume1/symengine/symengine/tests/polynomial/test_uintpoly_piranha.cpp: In function ‘void ____C_A_T_C_H____T_E_S_T____287()’:
/media/prateek/New Volume1/symengine/symengine/tests/polynomial/test_uintpoly_piranha.cpp:293:43: error: no matching function for call to ‘piranha::polynomial<SymEngine::mpz_wrapper, piranha::monomial<unsigned int> >::integrate(const char [2]) conststd::cout<<b->get_poly().integrate("x")->__str__()<<std::endl ;
In file included from /media/prateek/New Volume1/symengine/symengine/polys/uintpoly_piranha.h:15:0,
                 from /media/prateek/New Volume1/symengine/symengine/tests/polynomial/test_uintpoly_piranha.cpp:7:
/usr/local/include/piranha/polynomial.hpp:1429:23: note: candidate: template<class T> piranha::polynomial< <template-parameter-1-1>, <template-parameter-1-2> >::integrate_type<T> piranha::polynomial< <template-parameter-1-1>, <template-parameter-1-2> >::integrate(const string&) const [with T = T; Cf = SymEngine::mpz_wrapper; Key = piranha::monomial<unsigned int>]
     integrate_type<T> integrate(const std::string &name) const

Is it because I am giving "x" as the input to the integrate function ? or am I making some other error ?