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Sep 2017
Ishan Tarunesh
Sep 17 2017 18:51

Hello Everyone, I am Ishan Tarunesh. I am new to symengine. While going through the codebase I found that in the file symengine/complex.h there was one particular instance of function rsub(const Number &other) which only had been implemented for <Rational> and other <Integer> but not for <Complex> whereas the corresponding definition for rsubcomp exist in the same file. According to me the implementation of <Complex> also must be added to rsub(const Number &other)

I am attaching the relevant images of the code for clarity. Both of them are taken from symengine/complex.h

Isuru Fernando
Sep 17 2017 18:52
rsub is used only as a fallback if sub doesn't work
since Complex.sub(Complex) works, Complex.rsub(Complex) is not needed