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Jan 2018
Arif Ahmed
Jan 08 2018 07:37
@isuruf Thanks for replying !
I guess the performance should not matter as parse(<expression>) is done only once(just so that it's easier for the user to input the expression) and then the rest of the computation will happen using the dict form.
Arif Ahmed
Jan 08 2018 13:45

I'm trying to construct an array of symengine numbers like so :

const RCP<const Number> A[][2] = {{0, 0}, {1, 0}, {0, 1}};

This results in an error and it should cause native C++ ints are not pointers(am I right in thinking this ?)
What would be a simpler way to initialize the required array other than enclosing each of those numbers with integer() ?

const RCP<const Number> A[][2] = {{integer(0), integer(0)}, {integer(1), integer(0)}, {integer(0), integer(1)}};

^^ Doing this is quite cumbersome.