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Mar 2018
Eeshan Gupta
Mar 05 2018 12:25
@isuruf For implementing the GCD function for univariate SymEngine polynomials, which algorithm should be preferred? Would the Euclid's algorithm work fine?
Isuru Fernando
Mar 05 2018 20:05
you should ask @Sumith1896, @ranjithkumar007 or @ShikharJ about the progress
Eeshan Gupta
Mar 05 2018 20:10
@Sumith1896 @ranjithkumar007 @ShikharJ @isuruf It is mentioned that the GCD of univariate SymEngine polynomials is yet to be implemented. Should I use the Euclid's algorithm(, or something else to implement the same?
Shikhar Jaiswal
Mar 05 2018 21:27
@eeshan9815 You can check for SymPy's implementation in the Polys module, though I'm not sure we need the support for all the methods or not, @Sumith1896 and @srajangarg would be having a better idea regarding that.