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Mar 2018
Gary Tan
Mar 09 2018 01:03
Sorry, never mind. Looking into test_mexprpoly.cpp
Gary Tan
Mar 09 2018 02:32
But how can I construct an RCP<const MExprPoly> by MExprPoly::from_dict(gens, dict) where gens is vec_basic type? I cannot make the second parameter fit the type.
I asked because I want to work with the (monomial, coefficient) pairs only, so don't want to convert between RCP<const Basic> and RCP<const MExprPoly>.
Gary Tan
Mar 09 2018 02:49
ah ok, I duplicated a from_dict2 function from from_dict, and removed one ampersand
Malkhan Singh
Mar 09 2018 08:47
Hello everyone! can some-one help me to setup symengine.rb on window-10?
actually I'm not getting from given tutorial