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Apr 2018
Gary Tan
Apr 04 2018 07:40
Since we have SymEngine::eq for "const SymEngine::RCP<const SymEngine::Basic>" by calling
eq(starb1, starb2),
can't we have operator== for two set_basic? (star means *)
Currently if I do setbasic1==setbasic2, when compiling it gives
"no match for ‘operator==’ (operand types are ‘const SymEngine::RCP<const SymEngine::Basic> and ‘const SymEngine::RCP<const SymEngine::Basic>’".
Can I somehow tell STL to use SymEngine::eq to check if two Basic objects are the same? Thanks!!!
Gary Tan
Apr 04 2018 14:21
Isuru Fernando
Apr 04 2018 15:29
Btw, you can wrap your code around single backticks for formatting and triple backticks for multiline code.
const SymEngine::RCP<const SymEngine::Basic>
const SymEngine::RCP<const SymEngine::Basic>
Gary Tan
Apr 04 2018 23:59
eq(*basic1, *basic2)
Ha, interesting. Thanks!