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Mar 2015
Mar 19 2015 11:01
I'm back in business :)
Serg N. Kalachev
Mar 19 2015 12:13
Hi there! I'm still under huge pressure. Tell me what's new around ?
Mar 19 2015 17:29
Well, since december 20th I've been idle, doing other stuff.
My main project is locked on v2.0-beta.25 (before AdminLTE) becouse I had not enough time to upgrade it
So I haven't been fixing/developing the master branch lately.
But that's changed now :) I've got another big project, based on current master branch. So while developeing it I will test the latest version of Generator and fix whatever I can :)
I plan to also spend some time to finally rewrite the documentation - this has been too long on the TODO list.
This project must be finished till the end of April, so next month will be completely focused on GeneratorBundle :)
Also, I've created a pre-adminlte branch based on v2.0-beta.25 and pushed some fixes.
Mar 19 2015 17:36
So if someone has no time to update to AdminLTE theme (like my main project), but wants to be as close as possible to master branch --> I'll be pushing some minor fixes like #55 to pre-adminlte. These will be tagged as v2.0-beta.25+XX where XX is a number :)
Also.. thanks to @sescandell and his great work in symfony2-admingenerator-demo-edition I've finally learned the magic of PuPPet and Virtualboxes :) My life is much easier now :P All my projects are now in boxes, and my main system is no longer cluttered with stuff-i-need-only-for-one-project :D
Thanks @sescandell :D