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Mar 2015
Matej Velikonja
Mar 27 2015 13:26
has anyone loooked into possibility to upgrade AdminLte to v2?
Mar 27 2015 15:34
not yet, but @sescandell opened an issue about this
Matej Velikonja
Mar 27 2015 20:13
I've did a PR with the new theme, it went pretty smoothly, but someone should put an extra eye on it, since I don't know the project that well.
Mar 27 2015 21:03
Hi there
back on track too :) (but... partially for no... I'll be really back on June :) )
@matejvelikonja I've seen your PR. I'll test it ASAP (probably this WE)
thanks for it!
@loostro I don't remember what was the status about filters? I remember we discussed a lot about it. I remember I implemented a way to provide "top" or "rght" position... but I don't remember about configuration and customization? If you have a simple short answer, please... otherwise, I'll dive into the code :)