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Apr 2015
Bob van de Vijver
Apr 14 2015 19:50 UTC

In javascripts.html.twig (and stylesheets.html.twig) there is already the possibility to change the js/css inclusion for in example jQuery(UI) and others.

It would also be nice to be able to control the assetic build directory (I use for instance /cache instead of /assetic). I believe adding this absolutely wouldn't hurt the functionality :)

@loostro Do you agree?

This is in the FormExtensions bundle btw
Bob van de Vijver
Apr 14 2015 20:37 UTC
Oh, and I do not see how I can change this width (col-md-4)? (fieldsets.php.twig)
Matej Velikonja
Apr 14 2015 22:17 UTC
hey. I saw there is a possibillity to add tabs to create/new page. can you use this to split forms in two tabs? can you paste an example of the config for this?