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Apr 2015
Dražen Perić
Apr 17 2015 08:54
@loostro thanks one more time ;)
Apr 17 2015 15:32
np. this is beta, so bug will happen, but if you report them we'll try to get rid of them ASAP :)
Apr 17 2015 22:21
weird.. im getting white page when useing tabs
maybe something with #96 hmm
Apr 17 2015 23:02
arrgh LOL myself
I've added to Form\Type\Xxx\EditType a field s2a_collection_upload with config:
type: SubEditType but.. by mistake I added use ...\Form\Type\Xxx\EditType as SubEditType instead of use ...\Form\Type\Yyy\EditType as SubEditType
which caused an infinite loop :P