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May 2015
May 29 2015 06:57

One question - what is this "Nested list view" about and how to get that ( I need something with drag and dropping but I don't know what exactly is this nestedListView about? :)

Hi @peric
Nested view is what you are looking for.
You have a sample of its rendering here:

Dražen Perić
May 29 2015 08:08
Thanks for answers ;)
@tobias-93, this is going into generator? on what level? haven't seen any example for defining "set.general"
Tobias Feijten
May 29 2015 11:22
@peric "set.general" is just the label for the set of rows which should be put under display:. If you don't want to use a label you can use NONE: