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Jul 2015
Serg N. Kalachev
Jul 21 2015 17:29
Hi there, everyone!
Fighting with FormExtensionsBundle. s2a_date_picker not working. Don't know where to look also. The /assetic/js/compiled/admingeneratorformextensions/form-extensions.min_bootstrap-datetimepicker_2.js is loaded. But JS throw an exception: [Error] TypeError: undefined is not a function (evaluating '$widget.datetimepicker(config)'). Any fresh ideas ?
Bob van de Vijver
Jul 21 2015 18:57
Okay, so it appears to be that the datetimepicker is not loaded correctly in your browser, as the function appears to be undefined
Can you tell if the form-extensions.min_bootstrap-datetimepicker_2.js is loaded/placed in the DOM before the JS generated specifically for the field?
Hmm, I might be wrong, it could also be something in the config
You probably want to see what is in the config variable, which you should be able to see in somewhere in the <head> in a script tag