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Aug 2015
Aug 03 2015 07:54

Hi everyone,

First of all, I would thanks @bobvandevijver, @ksn135 and @matejvelikonja for all your implication and improvements.
But, in my opinion, the main weakness of this bundle now is its documentation. I would prefer to stop adding new features, and to be more focused on documentation. I like all the things merged recently. But except its author, and 2 or 3 people reading PRs, no one will know all of this exists and all options available. I really think document is a pitfall to its adoption. We should focus on documentation. It would so be better if:
1- We do not merge any new feature without documentation
2- We start to think about documentation and how to make it easy to dive into the bundle

All suggestions are of course welcome!

Matej Velikonja
Aug 03 2015 08:57
i agree that documentation should be really improved. I suggest that someone prepare a basic structure of documentation and that all can help but adding stuff into it.
Serg N. Kalachev
Aug 03 2015 09:06
@sescandell Agree.
@matejvelikonja See #128
Bob van de Vijver
Aug 03 2015 09:45
At the moment I'm preparing for an event which uses a large Symfony based system, so I do not currently have the time to do something for the docs. However, when that's finished, I can possibly try to start with some docs.
However, I would suggest making a complete new doc structure in a doc-new directory and finish that there before replacing the old docs. @sescandell, do you agree?
Aug 03 2015 11:42
I do
Aug 03 2015 18:49
from newcomers point of view, what are the major (most promising, most important) features of GeneratorBundle ?
the docs should focus on the most important stuff, with all the "additional" stuff moved to case studies/cookbooks